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New homepage

And - have you noticed it yet? Hof Eibens has a new homepage with many new features, photos and now even videos with the foals, remonts, horses for sale and broodmares. The conversion of the old homepage took a few days - and of course it is not 100%ig ready yet - but, it was worth the wait, wasn't it? From now on we can provide current news, messages about the Eibens farm, the riding club Obere Arlau, the Holsteiner horse breeding or whatever very promptly and announce them on our new homepage.

Just write us once, how you like our new homepage for the breeding of Holsteiner horses. If you have suggestions and proposals, how we can realize something better, then we are pleased to hear these from you and to be able to flow into the future planning of the Internet side. You can send us a message in the specially attached Guestbook left behind.


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