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Loranda I from Coronado - 579

Loranda I from Coronado - 579

Horse mare by stallion Coronado

Loreanda by Coronado Stallion - 579

 Holsteiner horses - brood mare for sale
Born: 01-04-1996 - Holstein mare line 579 - stm.170cm
Color: Brown - In foal by: Carpaccio - Foal at foot by:





Mare: Loreanda by Coronado - 579  Pedigree  Foals  Trunk: 579  Stallion: Coronado  Contact



Holstein brood mare: Photos


Holstein mare: Pedigree

Pedigree: Loranda I by Coronado - 579

Born: 01-04-1996 - Holsteiner mareline 579 - stm.170cm - brown


Horse Horse
ZAALA Horse Horse
Horse Horse
Horse Le Grand I Horse Horse
Horse Horse
Horse Aldato Horse
Horse Cottage Son XX

Holsteiner foals

Holstein foal by the broodmare Loreanda by Coronado - 579

Filly by Carpaccio:


Holstein strain: 579

Holstein mare line: 579


The second dam Zaran (by Cottage Son xx) was able to put the 579 line on a broad basis. Her daughter Desire (by Aldatus) is the foundation mare of the branch that also includes the stallions Corelli (by Calvados II), Contagio (by Colman) and Cassini Royal (by Cassini I). The advanced (S) level show jumpers Conbrio (by Cor de la Bryere), Cassius and Claus-Winfried (both by Calando I) and La Cassina (by Cassini I) also come from this family.

The Holsteiner Stamm 579 also includes the stallions Corporal (by Cottage Son xx), Faustus (v. Farnese), Corsican (by Korenbleem xx), Liberty Valance (by Latus II), Copain (by Cassini I), Corelli (by Calvados II), Mr. Nobleman (by Maracaibo), Ortler (by Ortolan), Sans Souci (by Corrado I) and Ludolf (by Lohengrin). Especially the stallion Corporal is of special importance. His son Capitano was a founding stallion for the younger Holstein breed and produced several outstanding mares as well as the full brothers Capitol I- III. Through Capitol I as Heaven's sire there is a very interesting backcross to the Holstein line 579, because Heaven's 3rd dam Refera by Kalif was a maternal half sister of Corporal (both out of the mare Gimara by Ludwig).


  • Cagancho, B., * Holst. 97, v. Calido I and Varan by Cabinett I-Cottage Son xx, PB SWE
    Cassini Royal, Sch., * Holst. 2005, v. Cassini I u. Panthea v. Levantos I-Cassini I, PB Rhld.
    Contagio, Sch., * Holst. 2004, v. Colman u. Odyssee II v. Lordanos-Cassini I, PB Hess.
    Copain, * NL 2002, v. Cassini I-Corofino I-Landgraf I, PB NL
    Corelli, B., * Holst. 86, v. Calvados II and Saran by Lepanto-Aldato, Ldb. Dillenburg
    Corporal, B., * Holst. 63, v. Cottage Son xx and Gimara by Ludwig-Fabian, Holst. Verb.
    Faustus, B., * Holst. 69, v. Farnese u. Zaran v. Cottage Son xx-Kalif, Holst. Verb.
    Cossack, Sch., * Holst. 66, v. Korenbleem xx and Gimara by Ludwig-Fabian, Holst. Verb.
    Lagandscho, Sch., * Holst. 98, v. Lennon u. Heaven v. Capitol I-Cabinett I, PB Holst.
    Leonid's Jumper, B., * Holst. 92, v. Leonid u. Beauty v. Cicero-Cabinett I, PB Holst.
    Liberty Valance, Db., * Holst. 87, v. Latus II and Monique by Raimond-Cottage Son xx, PB Westf.
    Ludolf, B., * Holst. 62, v. Lohengrin and Gimara by Ludwig-Fabian, Holst. Verb., LAT
    Mr. Nobleman, Sch., * Holst. 85, v. Maracaibo and T-Capella by Calvados II-Fantus, PB Bay., AUT
    Ortler, B., * Holst. 30, v. Ortolan and Mira by Darwin-Zünder, Ldb. Traventhal
    Sans Souci, Db., * Holst. 1990, v. Corrado I and Saran by Lepanto-Aldato, single cover approval ZfdP

Holstein stallion: Coronado

Holstein stallion: Coronado

Coronado 21 00018 90, born 1990, Stamm 730 B, by Corrado I (6879), a.d. Zaala v. Rebell Z I (8145), a.d. Transvaal v. Lagos (18b1), a.d. Huflattich v. Marlon xx, a.d. Bettina by Raimond (185), a.d. Rhea by Marder (1772) a.d. Adele by Heideläufer (11), a.d. Monika by Favorit (49), a.d. Trude by Fant (205), etc., Breeder: Peter Heinrich Johannsen, Högel, Owner: Holsteiner Verband. HLP 1993 Adelheidsdorf, Dre. 75,67 (45th), Spr. 131,83 (5th) Index 102,69 Rank 25/53

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