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Horse breeders work together

Horse breeders work together

Horse breeders from two countries work together

Moritzburg/Magdeburg - Horse breeders from Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony want to deepen their cooperation

Representatives of the state studs Prussendorf near Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) and Moritzburg (Saxony) signed a cooperation agreement in Magdeburg on Friday, as the Ministry of Agriculture announced. "If you want to be at the forefront of equestrian sport, you need quality," said Saxony-Anhalt's Minister of Agriculture Hermann Onko Aeikens (CDU). "Through the cooperation of our two state studs as supporting pillars of horse breeding, we are able to offer this quality."

Horse breeding and equestrian sport are subject to constant structural change. "That is why it is important that we make our state studs more efficient and thus offer them a sustainable perspective," said Saxony's Minister of Agriculture Frank Kupfer (CDU). Marketing was also part of the agreement. With the help of this, the worldwide distribution of frozen semen of the best stallions is to be boosted. In addition, joint laboratory equipment is to be purchased.

A cooperation between the studs already exists. In 2008, the responsible parties jointly purchased the breeding stallion "Fürst Wettin" for 160,000 Euros, this year they invested 90,000 Euros in the young stallion "Decurio". Besides Prussendorf and Moritzburg, there are eight other state studs in Germany, for example in Redefin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), Neustadt/Dosse (Brandenburg) or Celle (Lower Saxony). (dpa)

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