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Holstein show jumper by Diarado

Holstein show jumper by Diarado

We are very happy with the development of our 3 year old mares! Here is one of our "stars" by Diarado MV Carpaccio/ Lord Stamm 5964


This performance tested jumping Holstein mare with an absolute willingness to perform is developing into a jumping athlete of the special class!

From this dream mating there are already 2 other Holstein mares, Diarados First Lady ( This mare made as a 3 year old an outstanding mare test with over 8,0 in the average) and Diarados First Jady II who is now 4 years old and masters the entry into the show career. The mother mare Sonne by Carpaccio / Lord has been successful in sport herself and has an absolute double talent - This Holsteiner young mare is currently about 1.68m - for more information please just call...

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