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Usambara from Casco - 3558

Usambara from Casco - 3558

Horse mare by stallion Casco

Usambara by Stallion Casco - 3558

Holsteiner horses - brood mare for sale
Born: 01-01-2004 - Holsteiner mare line 3558 - Stm.164cm
Noble, blood marked Holsteiner top mare by Casco MV Calato MMVGrundyman xx. This mare became as Folhen in the championship 5te, is performance tested and with a Bezierksprämie ausgestate. Usambara passes on her noble appearance and her movement quality, especially the uphill canter, to her Holstein foals. The mating with Cassini I has proved to be a complete success! The offspring of this Holsteiner mare will make themselves attentive.






Mare: Usambara by Casco - 3558  Pedigree  Foals  Trunk: 3558  Stallion: Casco  Contact

Holstein mare: Pedigree

Pedigree: Usambara by Casco - 3558

Born: 01-01-2004 - Holsteiner mare line 3558 - stm.164cm - grey horse


Casco Cascavelle Cantus Caletto I
Phaedra Calando I
Farett Landlord Landgrave I
Tarett Lagos
Irma I Calato Capitol Capitano
Vanessa III Landgrave I
Diplomat Grundyman xx Grundy xx
Berthe Manexx
Tompa Carnelav

Holsteiner foals

Holstein foal by the broodmare Usambara by Casco - 3558

Colt by Cassini I



Holstein strain: 3558

Holstein mare line: 3558


Holstein mare line 3558

The Nautilus xx-daughter Edusa H with the three daughters

  • Idris HSP by Flamberg
  • Ledusa HSP v. Lorenz
  • Zitah H v. Capriccio

and their numerous offspring, including licensed stallions and successful sport horses. Particularly noteworthy is the Ledusa daughter and multiple stallion dam Texas by Carneval.

The ancestor of this line is a mare by Wagehals born in 1914, who leads a classic Holstein blood combination via Falb, Ethelbert 1197 and Hannibal 944. This is further determined by Tobias and again Falb and Ethelbert via the stallions Valentin, Ordner and Facit.

In the background of the Holsteiner mare line 3558, the strong appearance of the mare Hertha in the Trunk 18B1. With her sons and daughters from the mating with Cicero and Falb respectively, Hertha founded one of the most influential performance strains in Holstein breeding.

Holstein stallion: Casco

Holstein stallion: Casco


Holstein stallion Casco

Imposingly presented Cascavelle son, who in many respects has the generous proverbial lease. Great ability, leg technique and bascule, coupled with the best rideability and a maximum of elasticity in the basic gaits characterize this mold, which has already been covered in the Netherlands and also completed his performance test there. The dam, Farett, is a daughter of Landlord, who, without ever being particularly protected, became one of the strongest sons of the legendary sire Landgraf I (sire of the World Championship winner Lianos 4/Rodrigo Pessoa, among others). With Lagos, Ramiro and Roman the performance component is also well secured in the following generations of the dam line. The great-granddam Gotin sired Cor de la Bryère, a highly successful mare in international show jumping, Chanel 23/Claus Thiedemann and Jörg Münzner (AUT), who in turn was the dam of the stallion Leon Cavallo and produced several very good sport horses.

Casco goes back to the line 5382. This line also produced the stallions Caballero (BEL, DK), Le Vainqueur (PB Oldbg.), as well as the international top horse Lovely Boy 16/Norbert Koof.

Casco was several times victorious in show jumping classes L and M in the Netherlands and also in Germany. In 2003 he was vice champion of the Netherlands in show jumping. Under Thomas Voss Casco won and placed in medium (M/A) and advanced (S) level show jumping competitions. In 2004 he was internationally successful, including winning the stallion jumping competition in Hengeloo. Under Gerald Geessink he continues his career very effectively. His first offspring in Holland received the highest offspring score of all stallions born in 1997 and in the meantime his oldest offspring have won show jumping competitions.

Casco himself is beautifully made, very nice to ride and an extraordinary jumper. Dam Farett is a daughter of Landlord, who also sired the World Champion Lianos/Rodrigo Pessoa. With Lagos, Ramiro and Roman extraordinary stallions in the next generations. Casco represents the Holstein dam line 5382, which is internationally known for the stallions Caballero (Belgium, Denmark), Le Vainqueur (Oldenburg) and the famous show jumpers Lovely Boy 16/Norbert Koof and Chanel 23 (Jörg Münzner).
His offspring is refined in type and had a good start in show jumping competitions. Casco was "Champion of the Year" in the Netherlands. In 2003, he was vice jumping champion of the Netherlands. In 2004 he started to compete internationally and came in 1st in the jumping competition for licensed stallions in Hengeloo (Netherlands). Meanwhile, he is very successful with Gerald Geessink (NL).

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