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There are about 50 different species of blackfly in Germany. Many horses are allergic to the sting of the blackfly.

The various species of blackfly usually breed under water, in streams or large ponds. You should therefore keep your horses away from lakes, streams and ponds if possible. Actually, both sexes of blackfly are nectar suckers, but the female blackflies tend to suck blood on birds or mammals. Some horses are allergic to the mosquito's bite and often become sore. The allergic reaction of horses to the bite of the blackfly can be exacerbated by the increased intake of protein in the feed. If your horse is allergic to the blackfly or its bite, you should avoid giving the horse too much concentrated feed, or if the horse is in the paddock, prevent it from eating too much of the fat grass.

Helfen tun auch einige Bürsten (Besen), die sie an einem Pfahl befestigen damit sich das Pferd daran schuppern kann.

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