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Overo Lethal White Syndrome (OLWS)

Overo Lethal White Syndrome (OLWS)

What could be worse than having your mare give birth to a gorgeous, pure white foal, and to find out it is as good as dead. This is what has plagued the APHA industry for many years. Once the foal is born, it can take up to several hours or even a day before there are signs that something is wrong. For one, the foal will not pass any fecal matter. Abdominal cramping begins and the foal will start to colic. Basically, the foal has an un-relievable constipation. Rolling around only further worsens the situation by causing the foals intestines to twist, putting it in even more pain. A vet should be contacted in the event that your paint mare produces a white foal so they can determine is they have Lethal White or not and euthanize it if it does. Lethal White is incurable. Attempts in the past to surgically correct the problem have failed. A foal that young does not have the immunity to withstand an operation. In most cases, a pure white foal will be affected, but there have been instances where healthy white foals have been born. Don’t make any assumptions until you have called your vet.

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