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K-Poodle from Calypso II - 4779

K-Poodle from Calypso II - 4779

Holstein horse breeding mare by stallion Calypso II
Born: 01-01-1995
Tribe: 4779
Stick measurement: 170cm

Calypso II / Fier de Lui Z / Ladykiller XX
Foals at Heel by:
Carried by:

Holsteiner horse breeding farm Eibens - Harald Andresen
Horse mare by stallion Calypso II Holsteiner horse breeding foal sale

K-Poodle from Calypso II - 4779

by stallion Calypso II
Born: 01-01-1995 - Holstein mare line 4779 - stm.170cm
Color: Brown - In foal by: Legolas - Foal at foot by: Caretino

A brother of this Holsteiner First Class mare is licensed - it concerns the stallion Content De Lui! Expressive, large framed and uphill constructed, this is how this Holstein brood mare presents herself. Even successful in tests for young show jumpers, she had to end her sporting career prematurely due to injury. The offspring of this mare are already successful in show jumping. The dam line has successes up to advanced (S) level show jumping. Capable - rideable - willing to perform - Holsteiner show jumpers.

Holstein mare: Pedigree

Pedigree: K-Poodle by Calypso II - 4779

Born: 01-01-1995 - Holsteiner mare line 4779 - stm.170cm - brown


Calypso II Cor de la Breyere Rantzau xx Foxlight xx
Rancune xx
Quenotte Lurioso
Table Hotspur Heintze
Hyacinth Lorentin
Anke Fier de Luiz Rantzau xx Foxlight xx
Rancune xx
Purple Fulminant
Sailor Ladykiller xx Sailing Light xx
Lone Beach xx
Capana Ganeff


Holsteiner foals

Holstein foal by the broodmare K-Pudel by Calypso II - 4779

Filly 2011 by Legolas



Holstein strain: 4779

Holstein mare line: 4779


The Holstein line 4779 also produced the stallions Content de Lui, Landherr, who was highly successful in advanced level show jumping, and his half-brother Leander, who won the Holstein licensing. 

  • Contact Me, Sch., * Holst. 2000, v. Carthago and Linda V by Acord II-Mephisto, PB Holst. 
  • Content de Lui, B., * Holst. 2001, v. Contender and Anke by Fier de Lui Z-Ladykiller xx, PB Bay. 
  • Landherr, B., * Holst. 82, v. Landgraf I and Capana by Ganeff-Gastronom, PB Rhpfs., Slovenia 
  • Leander, B., * Holst. 71, v. Ladykiller xx and Capana by Ganeff-Gastronom, Holst. Verb., PB Hess., DK, licensing winner 
  • Lucky Kid, F.,* Holst. 79, v. Ladykiller xx and Marita by Ritter-Ganeff, riding horse (FN : Lim)


Holstein stallion: Calypso II

Holstein stallion: Calypso II

Calypso IIwho himself was successful in advanced level show jumping with Dr. Michael Rüping in only two years of competition, has achieved great breeding significance for Holstein and international breeding. His son, Contender, deserves special mention here. With numerous licensed sons, outstanding mares and, above all, many international sport horses, he is an absolutely exceptional sire.
His heredity confirms his popularity: On the one hand there are the numerous sport horses willing to perform, like Capella 3Carlo 48 ...or the lntermed. Dressage horse... Cor de Calypso; but on the other hand it is above all the excellent quality of his sons with successful heredity, like for example Caribo (Rhineland), stallion performance test winner Contender (Oldenburg/Holstein) or the S-successful Coriolan (Hessen/Holstein), which makes him an exceptional sire in Germany.
His father Cor de la Bryère Cor de la Bryère was the right stallion at the right time in the Holstein breeding of the seventies: The crossbreeding of VolIblut had reached a stage where possibilities of consolidation were urgently sought in order to counteract too great a loss of substance, frame and inner calm. Cor de la Bryère, an intelligent half-breed with an excellent temperament, lightness of ride and sensational jumping ability with an optimal bascule, was the ideal addition. He became the stamp stallion of the modern Holstein sport horse breeding.

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