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Proper nutrition for pregnant mares

Proper nutrition for pregnant mares

In the course of pregnancy, a distinction is made between a low-bearing and a high-bearing mare. The growth of the embryo is very low in the first seven months (approx. 1/5 of the final weight). From the 8th month onwards, the foetus develops rapidly. From this it can be deduced that until the eighth month of pregnancy there is still an additional need for energy and protein. During pregnancy, energy and protein are needed for the formation of placental and uterine tissue as well as the development of the udder, the maintenance and development of the fetus.

A pregnant mare must not be too fat before birth, this leads to heavy births and negatively affects milk production. Feeding recommendation for a 600 kg mare high pregnancy 11th month:

In the last trimester of pregnancy, the energy and protein requirements increase by 1.25-1.4 and 1.5 times respectively. The protein requirement can still be covered by hay and grain, a special high-protein broodmare feed is not necessary. The growing foal takes up more space inside the mare, which constricts the digestive tract. The mares do not eat as much, concentrated feeds are useful now. Two to three weeks before foaling, you can slowly mix the broodmare feed into the ration so that the mare gets used to the new feed and the larger concentrated feed portions.

For a resilient skeleton of the fetus, the mother mare must be sufficiently supplied with vitamins and minerals. She needs calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, sufficient sodium to prevent intestinal peptic behavior, as well as zinc and copper for elastic cartilage and selenium against white muscle disease. Vitamin A and D are in short supply, especially in the winter months. Here, the supply must be ensured via a supplementary feed in order to prevent increased susceptibility to infections, damage to the mucous membranes and rickets. Copper, selenium, vitamin A and E accumulate in the colostrum, a sufficient supply of the mare gives the foal a good start in life.

Feeding recommendation (MasterHorse) for a highly pregnant mare (600Kg) in the 11th month of pregnancy:

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