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Foal time - setting the course for a horse's life

Foal time - setting the course for a horse's life

Foal time - setting the course for a horse's life on Saturday, 26 March, in Gnadau

The breeder is delighted when he hears the news: "The foal has arrived, healthy and lively", but he must not slacken his care. As with humans, an important course is set for the later life of horses during childhood. The foal will profit from the development that takes place here for the rest of its life - or not. The health of the foal is of decisive importance. The early recognition of symptoms of illness and the correct treatment must not be left to chance. Feeding the foal, which contributes significantly to keeping it healthy, also requires a lot of experience and good knowledge of the growing animal's needs. Only an age-appropriate supply of energy, nutrients and active substances can meet the high feed requirements of foals.

At the PM regional meeting on Saturday, 26 March, at the Gnadau-Döben Riding and Driving Club in Gnadau, veterinarian Kirsten Osterland and feeding expert Dr. Ernst Stephan will give presentations on the prevention and treatment of foal diseases and on aspects of feeding to keep foals healthy. The event will start at 2 p.m. first with the PM regional meeting. The registration fee is 10 euros, for non-PM 18 euros including a snack. Registration: German Equestrian Federation (FN), Personal Members Division, 48229 Warendorf, telephone 02581/6362-246, fax 02581/6362-100, e-mail PM

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