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Thoughts on breeding strategies

Thoughts on breeding strategies

Are we still selecting the right horses? - – Thoughts on breeding strategies and conformation evaluation on Saturday, 26 February, in Bremen

On the occasion of the Euroclassics Horse Festival in the Bremen Arena on Saturday, February 26, the Personal Members will have the opportunity to be informed by proven breeding experts about current considerations regarding breeding strategies and conformation evaluation during the PM Regional Meeting.

Dr. Wolfgang Schulze-Schleppinghoff, breeding director of the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Association for over 20 years, will present his thoughts on this in a short lecture. Cord-Friedrich Wassmann, who was chairman of the Weser Ems Equestrian Association for many years and is now an international show jumping judge, licensing commissioner and chairman of the Hanoverian licensing commission as well as working worldwide as a breeding judge, then makes the basic features and significance of conformation evaluation his topic, which he vividly presents with photos and a Power Point presentation.

Following the Regional Meeting, visitors can attend the "Night of the Stallions", where 17 stallion stations will present their top sires and riding pony stallions in various shows starting at 7.30 pm.

The event starts at 5 pm with the regional meeting. The participation fee is 10 euros, for non-PM 18 euros. The participation can be recognized for holders of instructors' licenses as further education with two learning units. In addition, a show ticket must be purchased, which is reduced by 50 percent in advance sales for PM and also entitles the holder to visit the "Night of the Horses". Registration: German Equestrian Federation (FN), Personal Members Division, 48229 Warendorf, phone 02581/6362-246, fax 02581/6362-100, e-mail>

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