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2011 Loranda - filly by Carpaccio - 579

2011 Loranda - filly by Carpaccio - 579

foal sale hoslteienr horse breedingFilly by Carpacciosold

Holstein filly - born 2011 - Stamm 579 - Stallions: Carpaccio / Coronado / Le Grand I / Aldato

Foal sale: This Holsteiner filly by Carpaccio has the type and movement that distinguishes Carpaccio offspring - in the foal evaluation Carpaccio has a breeding value of 122 points. The Holstein dam mare by Coronado is characterized by quality at the jump and strong movements. This highly elegant, long-legged and strong-moving filly with the best topline is something very special - something to be sure of.

Foal for Sale: We are sorry, but we have not written down any further information regarding this holsteiner foal which is for sale, yet. If you need any further information regarding this foal, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Harald Andresen personal.

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If you would like more information about this horse for sale or foal or would like to schedule a showing, please contact me directly by email or phone. I will be happy to provide you with all information about this horse and answer any questions you may have regarding this horse for sale immediately: Harald Andresen - Holsteiner horse breeding and horse sales

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Horse video: Carpaccio's filly

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2011 Loranda - filly by Carpaccio - 579 andresen, caretino, carpaccio, coronado, harald, stallion, farm, holsteiner, information, ladykiller, horse breeding, points, mare, filly mov small, foal  Download Video Foal of Carpaccio 30.16 MB


Foal photos: filly by Carpaccio




Carpaccio Caretino Caletto II Cor de la Bryère
Isidore Metellus
Bettina II Lantaan Lord
Nolde Ladykiller xx
Loranda I Coronado Stallion Stallion
Mare Stallion
Mare Le Grand I Stallion
Mare Aldato


Stallion Information: Carpaccio

Pedigree Carpaccio view
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With an overall index of 146.9 points, Carpaccio won the stallion performance test in Medingen in 1994. He achieved far above average scores in both jumping and rideability.
Carpaccio was promoted in dressage sport. After receiving top marks in dressage competitions, he was also a finalist at the Bundeschampionat for 5-year-old dressage horses in Warendorf. In 1997 he again qualified for the Bundeschampionat and was victorious in medium dressage tests.

Eleven sons of Carpaccio have been licensed so far. Outstanding was the Champion Stallion of the 2002 licensing in Neumünster, Chico's Boy, who went to the Sprehe Stables at the auction for 200,000 Euros. 30 of his mares were awarded the State Premium. Successful show jumpers are Classic Line with Cora Ackermann-Ripke, Colibri with Tobias Bachl and Catatani first with Anna-Maria Benner and now under Marco Illbruck. The licensed stallion Casparino shows his outstanding talent in the most difficult dressage tests with Hubertus Schmidt as well as with Karin Winter-Polac.
At the World Equestrian Games in Lexington (USA), the Carpaccio son Exquis Clearwater, registered for the Danish Breeders' Association, competed successfully in dressage under Anne van Olst.

Carpaccio's pedigree is very interesting. His sire Caretino is an important sire of the Holstein breed. Even tested in international show jumping competitions with Bo Kristoffersen and Ludger Beerbaum, he meets the highest expectations. In recent years, a whole series of Caretino offspring have attracted attention with great successes in important competitions. These include Büttner's Calandro and Chika's Way with Janne Friederike Meyer, Cefalo with Holger Wulschner, Conally with Markus Renzel, Chupa Chup with Bernado Alves, Casall La Silla with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Cristallo with Richard Spooner.

The dam of Carpaccio, Bettina II, is a state premium mare and has the stallion Lantaan for her sire, who was already inbred to Ladykiller xx via Lord and Liguster. In the third generation the line founder Ladykiller xx appears once again. Venetia by Anblick xx, with whom Dr. J. Neckermann won the gold medal in the dressage team competition at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, is one of the offspring of this branch of the 730B line. Furthermore, the licensing winner Merlin by Marlon xx also comes from this family.

In 2009, the Carpaccio son Carisco attracted attention in the youngster jumping competitions with the Australian Philip Lever, they won among others the final competition in Dresden, in the meantime Carisco has been sold to the USA. Capoccino under Rossen Raitchev for Bulgaria and Carlon with Stanislav Przedpelski for Poland are successful in international jumping competitions.

His foals excelled especially in type and movement - in the foal evaluation Carpaccio has a breeding value of 122 points.
Carpaccio can show above-average values of 126 to 155 points in the individual evaluations of the basic gaits and rideability in his breeding value evaluation for broodmares.


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