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2014 - colt by Uriko

2014 - colt by Uriko

Holsteiner coltcolt by UrikoHolsteiner horse breeding foal sale

Holstein colt - born 01.04.14 - Stamm 5401 - stallions: Uriko/ Corrado II/ Tumbled XX/ Rigoletto/ Consul

Foal Sale: The Holstein mother mare, L-Celineis blood marked and strong in character from a dam line with many successful show jumpers up to advanced (S) level. The line 5401 is a guarantee for performance-ready show jumping horses with outstanding ability and the best attitude. The foal has duch the stallion Uriko further top jumping - blood!

Uriko's sire Untouchable comes from a connection of the French top sire Papillon Rouge with the blood of the Dutch top stallion Heartbreaker. The further lineage leads back via Carthago, Calypso I, Romantiker, Cottage Son xx to the important Holstein line 18A2 - The Holstein stallion foal - a dream!

Foal for SaleWe are sorry, but we have not written down any further information regarding this holsteiner foal which is for sale, yet. If you need any further information regarding this foal, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Harald Andresen personal.


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If you would like more information about this horse for sale or foal or would like to schedule a showing, please contact me directly by email or phone. I will be happy to provide you with all information about this horse and answer any questions you may have regarding this horse for sale immediately: Harald Andresen - Holsteiner horse breeding and horse sales

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Sale of jumping horses, dressage horses, remonts and foals from our own Holsteiner horse breeding.


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Stallion Information:  Stallion Uriko

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Uriko was licensed in May 2011 on the occasion of the re-licensing and completed his 70-day test in Schlieckau. Uriko's licensing is based on a breeding committee decision that had evaluated the 30-day test as a positively completed stallion performance test. He passed his stallion performance test in the fall of 2011. The judges' verdict confirmed the young stallion's previously shown talents, with his canter scoring 9.25 and his jumping ability 8.83. Overall, the stallion achieved a stallion performance test breeding score of 130. Uriko is very much in the type of the modern show jumper. With a height of 1.72 m, the long-legged 7-year-old stallion meets all the requirements of a Holstein sire. His head is expressive, his neck is well set on his body and his length is well proportioned. His back is excellently constructed and goes well muscled into a strong hindquarters.


Contact Eibens Farm - Harald Andresen
Sale of jumping horses, dressage horses, remonts and foals from our own Holsteiner horse breeding.

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