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holsteiner breeding

holsteiner breeding

holsteiner horse breeding

Harald Andresen came into one’s own when he starts his holsteiner breeding. The breeding of excellent, successful and healthfull holsteiner foals is what he likes and loves. Within his stable at his stud farm you will find about 25 brood mares which are all registrated within the holstein horse association in germany and of course these mares are also registrated within the holstein stud book, where you will find all the blood lines and pedigrees of the holsteiner horses starting in 1871.

The horse mare families are of special importance in Holstein Breeding Concept. Georg Ahsbahs, the editor of the fi rst stud-book published in 1897, followed the mare families up to the beginning of the 19th century and gave every holstein mare line its number (Stamm). A system that is still valid today, and of which many other breeding associations are envious. The holstein horse breeding association is the only breeding association which ownes a closed stud book and only holsteiner mares are allowed to get in.

Every year about 20 cholsteiner colts and fillies are born. These young horses are all for sale, So if you are looking for a holsteiner foal for sale, you should have a look to the pictures and videos of the holstein foals of the holsteiner breeder Harald Andresen first.

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