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The Holstein horse breeding

The Holstein horse breeding

Holstein horses - a breeding concept prevails

The typical Holsteiner is an athletic, large-lined and expressive riding horse with ideal dispositions for show jumping, but also for dressage and eventing. His powerful jumping shows ability and quality. A Holsteiner is uncomplicated, enthusiastic, strong nerved and reliable. His well-balanced temperament and excellent character are of great importance. With the dissolution of the traditional state stud Traventhal in 1960, a new task came up for the association of breeders of the Holsteiner horse. With the takeover of 33 stallions from the state stock, the association became the most important stallion owner in Schleswig-Holstein.

With the advent of heavy machinery in agriculture, the Holstein horse had lost its raison d'être as a "worker" in the fields at the end of the 1950s. In order to refine the hitherto calibre type and turn it into a modern sport horse, 40 years ago the breeding management relied on the use of thoroughbred stallions.

Ladykiller xx and Landgraf I

In the sixties alone, more than 25 "bloodstock" were used in the land between the seas. Among them was a stallion who was to leave his mark on the Holstein breed at that time and today: Ladykiller xx, who was born in England in 1961. He produced 35 State Premium mares and just as many licensed stallions, including Landgraf I, who was memorialized in front of the Elmshorn stables during his lifetime. His offspring have won more than 7 million marks in sport to date and his numerous sons and daughters ensure that this valuable blood is passed on worldwide. Lord, the second outstanding son of Ladykiller, is also the founder of his own stallion line and also sire of the unforgotten Livius.


Cor de la Bryère, who died in 1999 at the ripe old age of 31, must be mentioned in the same breath as Landgraf I. Next to Ladykiller xx, "Corde", as he was affectionately called by the breeders, has had the greatest influence on modern sport horse breeding in the land between the seas.


Another stallion who has written Holstein breeding history is Capitol I. Capitol I is the sire of numerous world-famous show jumpers, including the 2001 World Cup winners, Dobel's Cento and Carthago Z, both of whom competed at the Olympic Games in Sydney. With these two licensed stallions, Capitol also achieved a success at the CHIO Aachen in 2000 that no sire to date can boast: 1st place Cento and 2nd place Carthago in the Grand Prix of Aachen. The offspring of these are also very successful. In the meantime, Caretino, himself internationally successful in sport, and Contender have succeeded the three heroes with successful offspring in sport and in breeding.

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