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Nurse mares for foals

Nurse mares for foals

Spring is foaling season - but unfortunately it happens again and again that a mare does not survive the birth of her foal. Then quick help is needed. As the Landvolk-Pressedienst reports, there are various possibilities for this. Either a nurse mare is found who has lost her foal, has enough milk and accepts the foreign foal, or it is raised with the bottle.

Horse breeders can get help with both options from Thomas Johannsen, Champ's horse feed sales manager and product manager for horse feed. Thomas is in charge of the Champ Foal Emergency Service. In the exciting time of foaling for every breeder, he is able to offer our customers security and provide detailed advice. After more than ten years of experience, Thomas is convinced: "Even a motherless foal can become something!“. However, this would require adherence to important principles regarding environment, nutrition, social contacts and health maintenance.

The quickest possible supply of beestings and replacement milk is the focus here. That's why Champ always has the right teat and bottles on hand when asked for help. In addition, the Champ employees of the Foal Emergency Service, Caroline Schröder, Thomas Johannsen and Hans-Walter Hennig, have the birth notification system "Birth Alarm" ready for you and are of course also available to answer any questions you may have about pregnancy and foal birth as well as feeding the pregnant mare and foals.

In case of emergency use our Foal emergency service under the telephone number 0800 - 66 49 283.

Experienced broodmares later take over the mother function of the foals which were raised with the bottle and live in the ideal case like normal foals with the mares, who lead them like their own foals, in the herd association.

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