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The young jumper

The young jumper

The young dressage and show jumping horse - from the first start to success in the advanced class on Wednesday, March 2, in in Krefeld

We all know that basic work is the foundation of training. But how do I build up my riding horse consistently, healthily and purposefully without overtaxing it? Eberhard Seemann, National Trainer "Children" Jumping and the Sport Promotion Group of the German Federal Armed Forces in Warendorf and Christoph Hess, Head of the FN Training Department and the Personal Members Division, will explain and demonstrate to the Personal Members at the PM Regional Conference on Wednesday, March 2, at the Kühnen Riding Centre in Krefeld the training of young horses in successive stages, taking into account the stage of development of the body and the psyche as well as the disposition of the horse.

Both training aspects and evaluation criteria from a judge's point of view are the focus of attention. First, Eberhard Seemann illustrates individual training steps in jumping training in the riding arena using different horses before Christoph Hess shows the path of a young horse from the first riding horse test to the dressage horse test class M and the dressage test class S for seven- and eight-year-old horses.

The PM regional conference starts at 6 pm and costs 15 euros including a snack, for non-PM 25 euros. Participation can be recognised for holders of trainers' licences as further training with three learning units. Registration: German Equestrian Federation (FN), Personal Members Division, 48229 Warendorf, telephone 02581/6362-246, fax 02581/6362-100, e-mail

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