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2011 Douglas - filly by Caretino

2011 Douglas - filly by Caretino

Holsteiner foal saleFilly by Caretino

Holsteiner filly - born April .2011 - Stamm 18A2 - Stallions: Caretino / Alcatraz / Lord / Raimond

Nicht verkauflich / Not for SaleAnother top foal from the horse breeding of Hof Eibens, by the Holstein stallion Caretino. The unfortunately deceased stallion Caretino presents his last foal of 2011. This Holstein filly is a credit to her sire! The holsteiner mother mare Douglas, from the well-known Trunk 18A2has been awarded with 12* for her offspring performance. But also otherwise this excellent brood mare could convince by her own performance. So she was awarded as a 2-year-old and as a 3-year-old mare. So far she has produced 12 offspring, who together have achieved over 200 placings in advanced (S) level show jumping competitions. In addition, her offspring have won 50 advanced (S) level show jumping competitions and participated in the finals of the Bundeschampionat (Cleveland by Caretino). Capable, rideable and willing to perform - these are the characteristics of the offspring of this exceptional Holstein mare. And this foal also has everything a show jumper's heart desires.

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Foal video: Filly by Caretino

Video date foal burning 29. Jul. 2011 in Behrendorf

{flv img="horses/foals/2011/Douglas_F._Caretino/DSC_3561.jpg"}foals/2011/Douglas_F._Caretino/175_Douglas{/flv}

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2011 Douglas - filly by Caretino andresen, contact, federal championship, caretino, eibens, foal, harald, stallion, yard, holsteiner, yearling, offspring, pedigree, horse breeding, placings, filly mov small Filly by Holstein stallion Caretino - Horse video download 36.43 MB


Foal photos: Filly by Caretino




Caretino Caletto II Cor de la Bryère Rantzau xx
Deka Consul
Isidore Metellus Marinus
Night Blue
Corbala Aldato
Douglas Alcatraz Aloube Z Alme
Nirza Ronald
Zuleika Lord Ladykiller xx
Nikola Raimond


Stallion information: Caretino 

Pedigree Caretino view
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Caretino was the last son of the legendary Caletto II still in stud in Holstein - the stallion who embodied the breeding goal of Holstein horse breeding in an almost ideal way. Caletto II was the champion stallion of his year and unfortunately only covered a few years due to a fatal accident. However, he produced outstanding horses - both for sport and for breeding.

His best son in terms of breeding was Caretino. At the age of 5 and 6 he qualified for the Bundeschampionat and at the age of 7 he already had his first placings in advanced (S) level show jumping competitions. At the age of 8, when he was being ridden by Bo Kristoffersen, he was also able to prove his talent internationally. In total, the two of them were able to achieve 40 placings in advanced (S) level tests. Among them are also successes with the Danish national team.

Capellmann became champion at the 1997 Bundeschampionat for 6-year-old dressage horses in Warendorf. His outstanding offspring include Ballerina, who won the gold medal in the team at the 1997 European Championships in Mannheim with Markus Merschformann, Charlottenhof's Chandra with Sören von Rönne, who won bronze in the team at the 2001 European Championships in Arnhem, Caretano Z and Caridor Z with Jos Lansink, Crocodile Dandy with Alison Firestone, his full brother Conally with Marcus Renzel, Cathleen with Marc Wirths, Pikeur Carlo Cassini with Franz-Josef Dahlmann, Caresino with Hauke Luther and Celestino with Jürgen Kraus.

The most successful offspring are certainly Chupa Chup, who won the Grand Prix of Hamburg in 2009 with Bernado Alves, Cristallo under Richard Spooner, who won the Grand Prix of the Global Champions Tour of Monaco in Monte Carlo in the same year, which was endowed with 285,000 Euros, the association stallion Casall la Silla, who was able to achieve several victories in Grand Prix and World Cup placings last season. With Cristallo and Casall la Silla, Caretino provides two of the top six horses that place the Holstein breed second in the WBFSH World Ranking of Breeders' Associations in the show jumping classification.


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