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Rubi from Landucci - 3317

Rubi from Landucci - 3317

Horse mare by stallion Landucci

Rubi by Stallion Landucci - 3317

Holsteiner horses - brood mare for sale
Born: - Holstein mare line 3317 - stm.1,65cm

A Holstein broodmare with strong movement and sport type. Rubi was herself successful in show jumping up to class M** - equipped with ability up to class S this Holsteiner mare had to end her show jumping career after a sport injury.



Holstein mare: Pedigree

Pedigree: Rubi by Landucci - 3317

Born: - Holsteiner mare line 3317 - Stm.1,65cm - Brown


Landucci Landgrave I Ladykiller xx Horse
Wartburg Horse
Damira I Ramiro Horse
Robber Horse
Sparta Cansas Cor de la Bryere Horse
Babolna Horse
Hekla Waldensian Horse
Zapria v. Marder Horse

Holsteiner foals

Holstein foal by the broodmare Rubi by Landucci - 3317

Filly by Cusido 2011


Holstein strain: 3317

Holstein mare line: 3317


Out of the Holstein line 3317 come such successful horses as for example:

  • Coradus of Corrado I
  • Land Peace of Landgrave I
  • Solos Landwind from Landgraf
    The father of Solo's Landwind is the century stallion, Landgraf I. With more than 130 licensed sons and more than 90 state premium mares, he is the most successful sire in Holstein horse breeding. The record lifetime total of his offspring exceeds all records ever achieved. He was given a memorial already during his lifetime, in 1996.

    Body Description:
    Large stallion of good type. Beautiful head on well set, somewhat strong neck. Shoulder of medium length, withers of medium length. Good topline. Well formed croup. Limbs dry and suitably placed. In front forward bending, behind angled. Movement good in walk and trot, especially good in canter. 8-7-8-6-6-7-7-8

    Stallion performance test:
    A not so energetic stallion who holds back especially at the trot but with a good canter. Shows good jumping, both free and under rider, but could show better back use. Stallion performance test passed in 1996 at Vilhelmsborg, Denmark.

Holstein stallion: Landucci

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